Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Free Speech and the Left

by LostinLiberalLand

Liberals are the self proclaimed champions of free speech, but is this true? Lets look at some disturbing trends in the battle of ideas that are going to decide the future of America.

On college campuses across this country it is common place for conservative speakers to be shouted down, physically threatened, called racists or xenophobes or literally not allowed to speak at all when they dare to contradict and challenge the prevailing liberal faculty and their student drones accepted line of thought. One need only look at what happened last week during Islamo Fascist Awareness Week at college and university campuses across the country to verify this phenomenon.

When discussing the issue of illegal immigration those that support border enforcement, prosecution, deportation, and no amnesty are commonly referred to as racists, xenophobes, uncaring, unenlightened, and unchristian in an effort to shut them up. The hidden meaning being that those who support the protection of America and it's traditional values are immoral and as such their opinions have no validity.

If discussing the plight of inner city African Americans there are two responses when one points out the problems of out of wedlock birth rates, the lack of fathers in homes, the black on black crime, substance abuse, degradation of women, etc. If one is white it is impossible to mention these things without being called a racist and bigot. Worse yet is the response to an African American who dares to expose these issues. When you are African American and you dare to challenge the views of the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the like you are referred to as an Uncle Tom, House Boy, and sell out. All this is done in an effort to shut down the national debate that needs to take place on race and the plight of the under privileged.

Two things are perfectly clear from the examples sighted. Liberals believe in free speech only when that speech agrees with their ideals. When one dares to challenge those ideals liberals will do everything in their power to shut you up. If you are liberal and have run out of legitimate arguments resort to name calling to fill the vacuum.

As a conservative you need do two things prior to debating these issues. Check your motives and your heart if they are pure then fear not. Speak your mind, damn the political correctness imposed by the left and let their labels bounce off you like water on a ducks back.

These are turbulent, perilous times. America stands at a fork in the road the decisions we make now will decide the future and very survival of our country. Do not let yourself be silenced.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hide your money the Democrats are coming

While I'm deciding what to write about next, I thought I'd provide links to articles on the new tax proposals of House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangle. While reading these pieces keep in mind that if the Democrats win The White House and maintain control of the House and Senate next year this is what we have to look forward to.

Hopefully these articles will remind you how important it is that we elect Republicans next year.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Media has moved center to the left

by LostinLiberalLand

I believe the average American has become more liberal over the past 40 years and this has not happened due to any conscious choice on their part, but due to domination of the MSM (main stream media) CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and every other big newspaper in this country.
The MSM is filled with journalists mostly educated at the elite liberal journalism schools where they all learned to look at the world through their liberal professor's eyes. The majority of them think alike and reinforce each others perceptions when they congregate at the water cooler, cocktail parties, and charity events. Their ideas are subliminally enforced through Hollywood movies and television shows. These elitists look at the rest of us as uneducated and not intelligent enough to think for ourselves. They believe it is their mission to enlighten us.
If you get all of your news from the MSM your view of the world is bound to move to the left and this will happen without you even realizing it.
To combat this I make the following suggestions: When in the car instead of listening to music turn on the AM dial and listen to anyone of a number of entertaining and conservative talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and many others. Instead of watching the news on one of the big three TV networks watch Britt Hume on Fox News or Glenn Beck on CNN. On Sundays don't buy your local paper or NYT, instead buy The Wall Street Journal. If you watch Sunday morning news shows skip past Tim Russert, Chris Mathews, George Stephanopolis and watch Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday instead.
Once you have been doing this for a few months think back and see if your view of the world has changed.

Why I'm entering the Blogoshpere

by LostinLiberalLand

I'm a conservative American that fears for the future of his country. I believe that if we continue down the path that we are on, America, as I know it will cease to exist. To help prevent that from happening I will be writing about a number of topics that I feel are leading to our demise. They might include the trend toward socialism, the liberalization of our education system, the US Constitution (it shouldn't live or breathe), illegal immigration, Islamo Fascism and more.
Once in awhile I may give an opinion on a book, CD, or movie.
I'm interested in hearing from like minded individuals. Please keep your comments respectful, and free from profanity.