Sunday, December 2, 2007

No Nonsense Comprehensive Immigration Reform Pt 1

In order to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America and to continue in it's tradition as the worlds only true melting pot I propose that Congress enact the following policies which together will form the basis for true immigration reform.

1. English shall become the official language of the United States. Bi-lingual education shall be banned and English immersion will become the standard in all public schools.
2. A double wall will be built along all land borders between the United States and Mexico. When that is completed the same will be done between the United States and Canada. Where it is physically impossible to build such a wall other necessary measures shall be taken to insure the borders are sealed. The U.S. Border Patrol or Coast Guard will also take whatever measures needed to protect against illegal crossings in the Great Lakes and coastal areas.
3. Effective the day this bill is signed into law an individual caught trying to enter this country illegally or overstaying a temporary visa ( a small window of time will be allowed to correct any ongoing visa problems) shall be held and transported back to their country of origin immediately. There will be no right of hearing or appeal. You enter or are caught in this country illegally and you are sent home no questions asked.
4. When said individuals have been caught entering or in the country illegally they shall be finger printed, photographed, and a DNA sample shall be taken. These records shall be entered into a national data bank monitored and run by a private company that the U.S. government contracts with. The penalty for these immigration violations shall be that any violator will be permanently barred from entering this country for any reason and they will never be eligible to become a citizen of this country. Any person entering the country for any reason will be checked against this data bank.
5. Children born in this country with neither parent being a citizen or legal resident shall no longer automatically become U.S. Citizens. (I understand that this will raise constitutional issues, but such issues need to be raised and the Supreme Court needs to make a ruling on this matter as no case law exists.)
6. All law enforcement agencies at every level shall be required to check for immigration status on anyone arrested for any reason. Anyone arrested for any crime that doesn't have legal status in this country shall be immediately deported if it is a minor crime and deported after any required incarceration for major crimes. Any municipality, county, or state that does not cooperate with this requirement will lose all federal funding for any programs within their jurisdiction.

Pt. 2 will deal with the millions of people who are presently in the country illegally.

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