Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Very Thought Provoking Book and Some Personal Observations

by LostinLiberalLand

The book I'm referring to is "White Guilt" by Shelby Steele. If you, like me, have always had the idea that White America is still harming Black America this book will help you crystallize those thoughts. It has freed me to not fear being labeled a racist and to speak what I feel is the truth about race and poverty in this country. You may notice I don't use the phrase "African Americans" as far as I'm concerned if you were born here you are an American. I don't care if you're black, white, brown, red, yellow, from Europe, Asia, Africa, South American etc. I feel that by constantly reinforcing our different origins we widen the gaps that divide us.

Mr Steele explains that as America slowly realized the tragic error of our treatment of Black Americans an overwhelming sense of guilt engulfed white America. In Essence White America felt the loss of it's moral authority. This guilt was felt by all Americans to different degrees and it was taught to those of us who grew up in the late 60s and 70s. This guilt reached all corners and aspects of American life and even our relations with the rest of the world. The rich elite liberals felt the pain of this loss most deeply and therefore led the charge to relieve Black Americans of self responsibility. They instituted program after program to help Black Americans which slowly made the Black Americans indentured to the liberals and destroyed the hope of the Civil Rights Movement. Even today it is absolutely necessary for these liberals to ease their guilt and they continue to hold Black America back.

Think of where Black America and America as a whole would be without the creation of the welfare state and the theft of black self worth through racial quotas and preferences. The shake down artists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton could not exist without white guilt. They who constantly tell black people they are not responsible for their own plight, by subtly filling the minds of Black Americans with the idea that they have no chance to better themselves because of the color of their skin. They sabotage the very people they proclaim to be helping. The elites and those who do their bidding are destroying generation after generation of Black America. If we just told those same Americans that this is America and you have an equal opportunity to be and do what ever you set your mind to do we would all be better off and the great racial divide would slowly dissipate until it no longer existed.

Mr. Steele's book has given me the ability to speak the truth without fear of being labeled a racist for I know what is in my heart. The truth is that conservative values and the principals of self reliance, self responsibility, capitalism, hard work and faith are the values that will relieve Black Americans of the bondage of slavery and discrimination forever.

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